Do you practice gratitude with your kids?

But really, this is such an important part of our daily routine. So much so, that I decided to create a FREE printable to share with you all, so you guys can practice at with your kids at home too!

I started doing this for myself a few years back when I was doing marketing for a high-stress real estate team and it was suggested by our coach. It really changed my life by taking 5 minutes each morning and literary writing down what I was grateful for. And not just generic things like “my family, or my friends” you are supposed to write specific things in the moment for example “I’m grateful my son woke up at 7am and not 6am”.

I started asking my daughter to participate and even though she was only 3 when we started it was really cute to hear what she was grateful for! (Like unicorns and candy lol) Now my daughter is 5 and can do this practice much better, and it is always extremely helpful for me to pull out this exercise when she’s in a bad mood or having a bad morning/hard time. It brings her back to reality and makes her realize what is important.

The daily gratitude I learned to practice with my old coach was a little more specific so I’ll also make an adult version and add it to the FREE downloads! If you do it for just one week you will totally see a difference in your mood and your actions for the day! I think it’s so amazing how strong our mind is and you know as they say .. “your thoughts become things, so choose the good ones”

Start out by printing 5 copies for each child you have. Every morning before you start your day, ask your child what they are grateful for. I think it is totally fine for you to write in the answers for them especially if they are not old enough to spell and write properly yet. Make sure you save them and put a date on them! At the end of the week, you read them together before bed and talk about how many wonderful things you have to celebrate. It also helps the kids sleep really good at night going to bed on such a positive note.

Download the high res PDF on the printables tab on my homepage! Also please comment below and let me know how it went for you guys after you tried it <3 – Megan

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