A photographer that still uses REAL FILM! Say what?

If you are looking for an amazing photographer that shoots with real film (not digital) and can capture your family in their most natural light i have found the perfect recommendation for you!!A few weeks ago i had opportunity to have the lovely Christina Judd photograph our family. My typical family photo shoot is always done at the beach, so i really liked the idea of shooting in our home to capture a different side of us!

I must admit this was totally out of my element as the photographer requested no pastels and no “matchy matchy”. For those that know me the only thing i wear is pastel and we are “matchy matchy” almost everyday! We buy matching dresses, bathers and even matching pink Nikes lol. So getting dressed was a challenge! However, i am pleasantly surprised, and so glad she got us out of our comfort zone to try something new!

Christina shoots all over Orange County, Northern California and even Minnesota. She is a mom herself and has an amazing eye for capturing sweet moments with your littles. I love that she gave us direction and told me if my hair was in my face and if I was slouching etc.. (and i need this!)

Film leaves skin looking creamy and dreamy and beautiful. It amplifies the colors and adds a gorgeous graininess, a vibrance, that catches your eye and makes each photo pop!

While she deals with film on her end, you still receive digital files (perfect for online use) through a private, online gallery, where you will download them, as well as order any prints and products you would like.

Her focus is on lifestyle photography – some sweet, some happy, and a lot of real. “These are the timeless photos we will look back on that will make our hearts pitter-patter, the flood of memories that feels like a lot of things, but mostly feels true” – Christina

She shoots engagements, weddings, families and editorials. The cost for the 2 hour session is $900.00 and comes with all of your digital images. You can also use my code 100FREE for $100.00 off your next shoot with her. She will go to any location of your choice and you can even do two locations if they are within a 10 mile radius of one another!

You can learn more about Christina and her amazing work on her WEBSITE and you can also book your shoot by emailing her at christinajuddphoto@gmail.com

Don’t forget to use the code 100FREE to save $100 and as always please spread the love and share this post with all the mamas you know! xo- Meg

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