Heritage Park, Irvine

Heritage Park

Heritage park is located in Irvine ,California and many don’t realize how many amazing things this park has to offer! Roughly about 36.5 acres in size the park and community center have something for everyone. I personally take advantage of all of the amazing things they offer for kids. My favorite being the splash pad in the summer time.

Heritage Park Community Center
14301 Yale Ave.
Irvine, CA 92604
Phone: 949-724-6750
(Heritage Park Community Park/Athletic Fields located at Walnut Ave. & Yale Ave.)


Parking is Free and if you circle around past the community center, you can park right by the splash park so you don’t have to walk far!

What to bring: during the summer:

1. Make sure the kids have water shoes because they like to run back forth between the water area and the sand area and the ground gets really hot

2. Bathing suits and towels. They will definitely get wet!

3. Bring a play mat or a large blanket for you! There’s a really nice shade area that you can sit and watch the kids, but you’ll want to put a blanket down.

4. Sunscreen. Seriously, I have forgotten mine before and it really does get hot here especially because it’s further inland. Sometimes it’s 10 degrees warmer than the coast. 

5. I always pack a picnic lunch and snacks so we can stay a few hours, and the kids always love snacking on the blanket in the shade.

6. Change of clothes for the kids. Because nobody wants a wet kid in a clean dry car seat 🙂


Heritage Park

This is the play area with the swings. 

The splash pad runs year around, but it’s really fun in the summer when it is warm outside!

Webble Wobble Wednesdays

Heritage Park
Heritage Park

“Webble Wobble Wednesday’s” takes place in the community center here during the spring, fall and winter months. They only charge $5.00 per child and it’s a-lot of fun (especially if you have a friend with you to chat with while the kids play)  

The kids music is fun and loud which sets the tone for “party time” from the moment you walk in. There is usually a small bounce house and several stations set up for the kids to play. They seem to change the stations every week so the kids do not get bored. 

They also offer free coffee and tea for the moms and have juice and a cereal snack for the toddlers!

Heritage Park
coffee and snack station included with WWW

Let's Play together

I have an organized group of mom's that get together weekly for play dates! You can join the list to get invited to future playdates by signing up below

What else?

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Heritage Park

Park Amenities:

  • Heritage Park Community Center
  • 3 Pools
  • 4 Restrooms
  • 11 Drinking Fountains
  • 2 Children Play Areas
  • 1 Open Play Area
  • 1 Amphitheater
  • 1 Lake
  • 2 Concession Stands
  • 3 Lighted Soccer Fields
  • 12 Lighted Tennis Courts
  • 3 Lighted Basketball Courts
  • 1 Volleyball Court
  • 2 Lighted Racquetball Courts
  • 2 Lighted Ball Diamonds
  • 22 Barbecues
  • 1 Picnic Shelter
  • 20 Picnic Tables
  • Electrical Outlets

Heritage Park, Irvine

The community center is open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m.-10 p.m. and Sunday Noon-6 p.m.
cheers Megan
Megan Ormando

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