My favorite Sushi Date Night

My husband absolutely LOVES sushi but me .. not so much! That’s my Veggie roll pictured above! But i do love sushi date nights! Sota is in Corona Del Mar and the food is so good.

They also have Rose (me) and tons of saki, beers and a really fun atmosphere. The place is small, and well known by the locals. It is always packed so you gotta come early if you want a spot at the sushi bar. See these crazy nasty birthday shots? It has raw egg, oysters, hot sauce, soy sauce and fish eggs! (YIKES) but everybody swears they are the best thing on the entire menu! If you are brave enough try one..

I did try this lovely little roll of fish after i had two glasses of wine to help ease myself in. I was pleasantly surprised. I also had some of the yellow tail sashimi covered in lime juice and it was AHHHMAZZING.

We finished dinner pretty early around 7pm so we walked to the quite women next door for one more cocktail before we headed home! That’s why we love Corona Del Mar for date night .. there’s always a million choices to continue the evening all within walking distance.

Thanks SOTA! We will be back <3

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