Splash Pad, Irvine

This is one of our favorite splash pads in OC. It’s all the way up culver and off of walnut ave. So it’s kind of a hike from Newport but we still love it here! ( Heritage Park ) Parking is Free and if you circle around the back you can park right by the splash park so you don’t have to walk far!

What to Bring:

1. Make sure the kids have water shoes because they like to run back forth between the water area and the sand area and the ground gets really hot

2. Bathing suits and towels. They will definitely get wet!

3. Bring a play mat or a large blanket for you! There’s a really nice shade area that you can sit and watch the kiddos but you’ll want to put a blanket down.

4. Sunscreen. Seriously, I have forgotten mine before and it really does get hot here especially because it’s further inland. Sometimes its 10 degrees warmer.

5. I always pack a picnic lunch and snacks so we can stay a few hours and the kids always love snacking on the blanket in the shade.

6. Change of clothes for the kids. Because nobody wants a wet kid in a clean dry car seat 🙂

Watch the video of our afternoon HERE

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