What are the best Toddler Apps and WHY?

So I have never been a huge fan of letting my kids have their nose stuck in an iPad or iPhone, however sometimes when we are traveling or at a restaurant or they need a little chill time I’m cool with it. However, I’m always on the hunt looking for the best apps out there for toddlers.I love if they can learn something and have fun too. The thing I hate the most is downloading a game and then it has all of these ads or in-app purchases and the kids can’t even play. I would much rather spend the 2.00 or whatever it costs and have a game without interruptions and in-app purchases. So here are my top favorite for the kids under 5

1. Elmo Calls

2. Loopimal

3. Charlie & Lola

4. PinkFrog Songs and Stories

5. ABC Tracing with Dave & Ava

6. Monkey PreSchool Lunch Box


8. Shapes Toddler Preschool

9. Peekaboo Barn

10. Peg + Cat

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