Whale Watching in Newport Beach

Yesterday i took the kids on quite the little adventure! I actually found the coupon when i was looking at my own website on my phone and this company was advertising a special for $13.00 PP and the baby was free! So i thought let’s go check it out!We started by parking on Balboa Island on Agate Street because it will save you a good 25 minutes of drive time by avoiding the peninsula. Plus parking is Free on the island!

We took the Ferry across and that was almost just as exciting for the kids! Don’t forget to bring cash for the ferry. Adults are $1.00 PP and kids under 5 are free. When we got over there of course i had to take them to get treats! The baby had to have a rice crispy treat with fruity pebbles and my daughter had vanilla ice cream! I had iced coffee and it was fantastic and full of sugar i’m sure!

We checked in at Davy’s Locker where i had booked the reservations which is the last place down the board walk on left. Right next to the Harborside restaurant. We waited on the bench in the shade while everybody else lined up in the hot sun .. (WHY) we were all getting on the same boat. Not sure why you would need to be the first one on but anyway ..

There were plenty of seats in front up top and inside. picked the front of boat so we could have fresh air and see everything of course ..

Don’t forget to bring a little towel or blanket because the kids can’t stand on the ledge and it hurts their knees without some padding! Also little did we know the wind picked up and we got some big waves and lots of splashes!So even though it was 75 degree day and beautiful it got cold out there and i wish we had brought jackets or a hoodie. We didn’t actually see a whale but we did see amazing dolphins and sea lions and i got a pretty cool video to show you all!


Overall it was a great day!The kids had the best time and i love showing them around and learning new things!Check back soon for a coupon code HERE to book your trip!

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