Baby Eczema and the natural cure

I am so excited that i had the opportunity to meet the founder of MogiMogi Baby (Mayumi Recker) online of all places! This mama is amazing, and with her own story of her son having horrible eczema and her drive to find a natural remedy without steroids that actually works came about this product!

This is the pack i just received in the mail, and although my kids do not have eczema, I LOVE natural products and I love a soak that’s good for their skin that will make it soft and smooth and relax them too! Plus it’s all gluten free, and has a cleanser and wash cloth in one! (amazing)

Carter just came out of the tub all happy and relaxed! My 5 year old Charlie also approves and says, “mom this feels really soft”.

MogiMogi Baby - Oatmeal bath product for eczema


MogiMogi Baby – Oatmeal bath product

Charlie even washed her brothers hair with the oatmeal pack and it smells amazing and they are both butter soft from head to toe!! I only wish I had this product when they were newborns for that extra sensitive skin!

MogiMogi Baby - Gluten Free Bathtub Soak


MogiMogi Baby – Gluten Free Bathtub Soak


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The Natural cure..

Yomogi is an herb made from the leaves of the Japanese Mugwort plant. The Mugwort plant is considered a weed in many countries. In traditional Japanese, Korean, and Chinese medicine, it is used for a wide variety of health issues.  


Yomogi’s extract is extensively used by leading Japanese cosmetics companies in a large variety of skincare products.  Yomogi leaves contain anti-inflammatory essential oils including cineole, vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, as well as minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus.

So if you have got a baby with that extra sensitive dry skin and you are looking for a natural cure you have to try this product! It will not disappoint 🙂

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