Blairgowrie Beach, Australia



Blairgowrie is a seaside village approximately a 2 hour from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Blairgowrie is located near the western tip of the Mornington Peninsula, between Sorrento and Rye, and is a very popular holiday destination for the locals. This narrow peninsula strip has a surf beach one side and a calm beach for kids on the other.

It is bordered on the north by Port Phillip, and on the south by Bass Strait and a series of surf beaches interspersed with spectacular cliffs and rocky ledges. It is frequented by tourists in the summer months, and has been featured on numerous travel programs.

Blairgowrie Pier is the most popular shore dive site for recreational scuba diving inside Port Phillip. Blairgowrie Pier is highly regarded for the more than a hundred different species of nudibranch that have been identified there. Each year from May through July thousands of spider crabs migrate along the ocean floor to the cool, shallow waters around Blairgowrie Pier. When the water temperature drops, the spider crabs moult their shells. While their new shells harden, they crowd together for protection from predators like stingrays, seals and sharks, sometimes forming stacks more than a metre high. You’ll also find octopuscuttlefish, seahorses, box fish, large stingrays, decorator crabs, stargazers, invertebrate, goat fish, blennies, and a whole lot of colour while diving Blairgowrie Pier.

The downtown area is very cute and feels like something out of a movie set. Small shops and amazing food surround the white sandy beaches here. With the most popular being a local fish&chips shop! (who knew)

Actually, I would go back here JUST FOR THE KMART!! For real though, I have never seen anything like it. Picture a target on steroids .. and like 50x cheaper! Please god let me come back here and shop with a giant empty suitcase!! 

I bought hoddy towels

5 shirts for myself 

Kids clothes … and more kids clothes 

kids flip flops 

Baby slider sandals 

Giant floating crocodile for the ocean 

I could go on but I won’t bore you! Just make sure you take the time visit it if you are heading this way!

If you plan on staying here and you are not a local with a beach house, i recommend renting one close to the water so you can walk to the beach! Parking gets messy here in the busy summer months. 


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