The Holiday Spritzer cocktail

An insanely delicious cocktail your guests will love and a DIY chalkboard display to make your signature cocktail the talk of the party!




Honey Infused Cranberry 

Grapefruit Juice

Ginger Beer 

Lime Wedge

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 Pre-make the cranberry mixture

The day before, boil cranberries in a saucepan over medium heat until they are melted down. Add about 10 teaspoons of honey per bag of cranberries you are making. (For my party one bag is plenty but you might want two depending on how many drinks you will be serving) Add fresh Thyme. Let the mixture sit in a sealed container in the fridge overnight. 

  1. Fill a rocks glass with ice to the top and add 1.5 shots of vodka. 

2. Add a tablespoon of the pre-made honey, cranberry mixture

3. Add a splash of Grapefruit Juice

4. Top with a splash of Ginger Beer and add a lime garnish 


I use my chalkboard frame and sign for all of my events so it gets used frequently! If you haven’t made a sign before then you should know that this kind of chalk does not wipe off. So you’ll need to spray paint your board with chalk paint 24 hours before you want to design your sign. 

I always seem to find a board or a writing style I like on Pinterest for inspiration and then make it my own! Feel free to copy this board here if you guys like it! Also, make sure you create your own unique hashtag for your party so guests can post photos and use your hashtag. You’ll then be able to search that hashtag later and see all the photos from your event!

This particular board I named the “Ridge Spritz” since I’m hosting a neighborhood holiday party and that name goes with our community. Along with the hashtag #RidgeMAS 🙂 

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