Orange County Birthday Party Venues for kids

If you are looking for a venue to host your kids next birthday party in Orange County, then I hopefully just made your life a whole lot easier! This super simple guide shows all the places to host your party, which age group it’s best for and also a general idea of the cost!

If I forgot to mention somewhere you love, please send me an email so I can update 🙂

Orange County Birthday Party Venues for kids

birthday party venues


5-8 year olds


They bring out the big fun with giant inflatable indoor playgrounds, games galore, a blow-up birthday throne, and more.


dave and busters

Irvine spectrum 

beach party

Host a beach Birthday party!

  • Check Here for a list of my favorite beaches in Orange County to host your kids party at 
  • Beach Entertainment – Hire  The Sweet Life Food Truck to bring ice cream and cold treats! I have used Jennifer on several occasions and she is amazing. You can either let kids order whatever they want and then pay the bill at the end OR if you want to stick to a budget just tell her to collect tickets from each child and you can pass out either one or two tickets per guest. 
  • Girls Party? Make a splash & you can hire real mermaids to come play from Once Upon an Island!
  •  Boy Party? Organize a game of beach volleyball or hire Maui from the movie Moana to come entertain the kids! He can sing, Dance swim and play games!
  • Decorations & Goodie Bags? Shop Amazon with me and I have an idea list created just for beach birthday parties! You’ll find everything you need right here
oc party venues
shop here
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How to plan a kids birthday party

These creatively curated styled-themed party boxes have everything you need for your next birthday party. You pick the party box you like, they package and ship it directly to you. All you have to do is set it up with some cake!

(order here)

a complied list of my favorite food trucks, taco man, and local food options serving the OC area!


Magic show, bubbles + Face painting. Here are some great resources that will come to you! 

custom cookies and birthday cakes

A list of the best places to order custom cakes and cookies in Orange County area that will make your party shine!

OC Desserts

no party? take your kids to one of my favorite dessert places and enjoy a sweet treat!

Shop gift ideas

shop my amazon store front for my favorite gift ideas that won't break the bank and won't get thrown away! PRACTICAL Gifts that kids and parents love!
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    1. Welcome! Glad it can be a good resource for you!

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