Exploring Newport Beach when it’s not summer weather..

Bike ride on the boardwalk

This is one of my all time favorites no matter what the weather! We have a favorite bike shop we always rent from because it’s so cheap and so much easier than bringing your own! They add on baby seats for you, toddler seats, a ride along attachment or even a tented wagon. And if your kids are older they can ride their own bikes! It’s a flat smooth ride and the best people watching so you can cruise for an hour or cruise for the day and stop for lunch!

Irvine Great Park

So they have fun events and activites all year round, but even if there is nothing special going on they always have pony rides, farmers market, ballon rides and more! – Check it out


I mean of course!! But never on a weekend and never when they first open. I LOVE Disney when you don’t over do it – and going for 4/5 hours makes for the happiest day on earth! We are lucky enough to have passes so we can do this. If you don’t live here i totally get why you have to go for a full day ( Good luck to you 🙂 ) – check it out

Marina Park, Newport Beach

One of my favorite kid activities Located on the peninsula in Newport Beach, this park is super fun with ocean views! Also has a great little beach with no waves and the kids go crazy here! Parking is easy too and the machines take your credit card!

Fashion Island

Not just for shopping… Favorite things with the kids include Koi Fish Pond, getting Ice Cream, and the amazing ocean fountains. My kids LOVE coming here to hangout!

South Coast Plaza

We love to come here when it’s a rainy day or if its really hot and you want to cool down inside. Take the kids to eat at ruby’s diner, ride the carousel, get a cute walking animal ballon and the kids have a great time!

Baby it’s cold outside!

Corona Del Mar Tide Pools

They have the best tide pools over at the little beach and its really fun for kids to climb the giant rock wall, explore the caves and the tide pools! Believe it or not … The best day for these are the cloudy ones! Bring a sweat shirt and you’ll have a great time exploring. FIND OUT MORE

Centennial Farm

They have the cutest barnyard animals at the farm that you can visit all year round! Watch the live pig cam and you can see what’s happening now!FIND OUT MORE

Whale Watching Tour

The best months to go are mid December through April. Gray whale migration is in full swing with gray whales heading south towards Baja to their winter breeding grounds. During this month up to 5 or more gray whales can be viewed during single cruise. Read my blog about it below for all of details and where to book!FIND OUT MORE

Catalina Day Trip

This is one of my favorite things to do for the day!! Hop on the Catalina Flyer and its only about 45 min over to the island! Spend the day there exploring, shopping, lunch or beach and then cruise back for the best day of fun! Even during the winter months the sun still shines and it’s so fun to be out on the water.FIND OUT MORE

We Play Loud

This place really is so fun for the kids especailly when it’s raining or cold outside. I just hate the germs so i tend to steer clear when it’s flu season or if I hear that hand foot and mouth is going around! Otherwise just bring your hand sanitizer, make sure you bring thick socks for everyone and leggings/pants so they keep clean and don’t get rug burn 🙂FIND OUT MORE

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