DIY Holiday Rice Crispy Treats

I will first start by saying I AM BY NO MEANS A BAKER! I have like no skill whatsoever. But I do like being creative and making pretty things. And mostly I do this for the kids. So therefore I pick the easiest things possible to create! If I can do it .. anybody can do it.

I followed no directions for these treats (duh that’s why I can’t bake) haha – but they actually came out pretty good!

I melted 3 sticks of butter and 3 bags of marshmallows in a large pot and stirred until it was melted. Then added red food coloring.

Then I had an extra large box of rice crispy treats and put some in a bowl (no measuring here) and then poured some of the melted mixture in until it looked good to me.

I actually think this is a great method because my girlfriend that did this last week followed a recipe and her were pretty sticky where I feel like mine were pretty easy to handle and shape.

We put them in cookie cutters and made sure to fill them pretty tight. Flipped them over and there they were!

After minimal decorating.. I put them in clear baggies with pretty Ribbon and a Thank You sticker. These are for the kids that come to our holiday party. The treat basket will be at the front door so they can grab one on the way out!

In the end I have a cute treat basket to display at the party and the kids had fun helping me make these! So that’s all that matters right!? Comment below & let me know what you think!

xo Meg

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