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Meet Chelsea (aka @OC_CampMama  on Instagram) Born and raised here in Orange County, California, and mom of 3!

In a recent Interview, We got to chat about what she does, why she created her new business and how it can help all of the other OC mamas looking for fun camps too!

I have always been a self proclaimed summer camp fanatic. My friends think it’s crazy, but guess who they come to when summer camp planning season is upon us? (me)

Yes there is such a thing as summer camp planning season in my world, and yes that person is ME. I love researching summer camps and finding new camps that are unique and fun. 

I have three kids and I am a full-time work from home Mama. So when summertime rolls around, if I don’t have a good summer camp lineup to get my kids out of the house during the day; I am in trouble! But it’s not just about the RIGHT summer camp for my kids, it’s also about going to camp with their friends.

After all my research is done, I then find myself sending a billion text messages to all three of my kid’s friend’s moms.

I decided that there has to be a better way to get this summer camp planning done more efficiently. So I started the Instagram platform OC_CampMama.

After I research a summer or holiday camp, I post all of the exciting camp details to my Instagram feed. If I sign up for the camp, I tag one of my kids friend’s mom and add the week I signed up in the comments field. That way, they know exactly what camp to sign up for and for which week.

One less text to send and MUCH less research for all Mamas involved. I hope this easy to use platform works for all OC Mamas and makes them love summer camp planning season just as much as I do! Don’t forget, tag a friend after you sign up! -Chelsea “

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