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Do you have trouble getting your baby to sleep through the night? Or how about your toddlers getting into your bed and keeping you up all night?

I met an amazing woman, (Michelle) who is an Orange County local, and an expert in sleep training, communication, feeding and development! I absolutely love what she is doing in our community and that’s why I wanted to chat with her, pick her brain, and find out what her business is all about.

Michelle Helm of Parenting and Sleep Solutions

ThatocmomLife: Tell me about what problem this program/service (parenting & sleep Solutions) solves?

With my services I provide education in all areas in each age group. We will work together on any subject such as feeding, sleeping (which is my specialty), development, discipline, life skills and relationship building to adulthood. With my programs I provide detailed, by the hour consultations. You will receive one-on-one support for the particular needs of your child. Personal coaching will be given with specific strategies for your child”

thatocmomlife: Can you tell me about a specific person who you have worked with in the past and how you helped them?

Yes, here is a testimony from a past client ( Frandy L.)

“I first met Michelle Helm on October 11, 2002. I had came home from the hospital with my first-born son. I was like a deer in the headlights with no clue whatsoever on how to sustain the life of an infant, and Michelle made everything wonderful. By the time I had completed my time with her I had given my baby his first bath, put him on a great feeding schedule, and had him swaddled and sleeping peacefully. Four kids and six years later, I found out that I was expecting twins. The thought of four kids ages seven, five, four, and three plus twin newborns was a bit daunting, so I called Michelle again. She literally was a godsend. I don’t know what I would have done without her. In the midst of complete and utter chaos she brought a peace to our home. She helped me put the twins on a perfect eat, wake, sleep schedule throughout the day. Because of their perfect life during the day, they were happy, sweet, and healthy and sleeping through the night at six weeks old. When I would tell this to people who inquired about my little twins, they were astonished. Michelle became our parenting expert and we would talk a lot about family and parenting, and the best way to manage a large family with children so close together in age. Michelle has been with me throughout milestones with my kids. Her knowledge of children and family life was a treasured gift. She has had a wealth of knowledge helping me with my older kids and giving me discipline tips. My three-year-old had a very strong-willed personality. Michelle coached me through showing me how to be consistent and kind and she shined a great light on my daughters personality and showed me that her temper and frustration were actually her need for control, which then helped me to parent her successfully. If every family could have a little “Michelle Wisdom” on a regular basis, the world would be a happier place! “

thatocmomlife: Wow! That’s amazing… you are really helping parents and I love what you are doing! There are quite a few other sleep trainers out there but I feel like you are special, Can you tell me why you are different and why other parents should use parenting & sleep Solutions?

“because there is no instruction manual that comes with our little ones. Sometimes it’s nice just to talk with a parent educator like myself to help give you good direction in life. So my programs tailors it to your family and your needs. Troubleshooting any area that you may have and giving you a good direction to follow. Sleep is everything a lot of issues come from lack of sleep so that is why sleep is my specialty. When I have parents call me when they first have newborns I walk them through all the different stages all the way up to adolescent just getting some advice now and then helps put your life on a straighter path”

thatocmomlife: What have you learned about running this business and being a mom?

“I have gotten a lot of my experience after becoming a mom of two children that are now ages 28 and 25. I was a nurse before I had my children so that has given me experience in troubleshooting any kind of medical issues that need to be re-sourced out for my clients. After my children were school aged I became a postpartum Doula and this is where I really saw I had gifts and talents to help other people and could figure a lot of issues out and solve problems. Through the years I have teamed up with a counselor and have more education on older children and now I’m really enjoying helping with discipline and raising the older children in today’s society. With cell phones given at such a young age it has opened the world to them with the world wide web and has really changed the way kids interact and lots of problem-solving is needed in today’s media world. My business has really increased with the need of direction in this area”

thatocmomlife: What was the most surprising thing you learned about the sleep industry as a whole?

” that your child just does not know how to sleep naturally they need to be taught good sleep habits. Teaching your kids good sleep habits is one of the most important things you can do for your child. It is so important for healthy growth and development”

thatocmomlife: Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out to you?

“I have helped so many it’s hard to pick out a particular moment or memory but I would have to say when a child sleeps all night after parents have been so sleep deprived and how happy they are and how much it changes their life makes my heart just soar! Also when a parent is having a really hard time with respect and boundaries from their child and they are at their wits end and pulling their hair out and not enjoying being with their child,  it makes me so happy to see when I give them tools in their toolbox on how to really Parent their children and see the results of their children being respectful and caring about others is also something that makes me feel really good. Parents really need to be enjoying every moment of their children’s life because it goes so fast we are really parenting to raise healthy functioning adults”

thatocmomlife: So what attracted you to this cause when you first started out and how did you get into this business?

“Children are my passion and helping parents is my true calling. The purpose of my business is to support and educate parents to raise children to be well functioning healthy adults. The consistency, honesty and faith in my programs encourage children to be confident and independent as they grow and develop. I have the experience, knowledge and wisdom to help guide you through issues that our children face in todays society. I create individual programs that are tailored to your child’s specific needs from infancy to adolescence”

“It makes me feel very proud when parents are happy and healthy being parents and enjoying their family because we were able to troubleshoot issues together in a healthy way”

thatocmomlife: I can imagine this would be such a fulfilling job! Having babies and raising kids today is no joke! Sometimes, even the best of us parents struggle with these issues. And it’s hard with so much content out there to know what is the right way. I love the idea of having a coach so the program can be tailored to each specific child, because hey none of them are the same right!? Is there anything else you want other parents to know about you? 

” (haha exactly)” Something people should know about me is that I am a very honest person educated in all areas of child development. This is my calling in life and has changed me in more ways than I can tell you by using my gifts and talents to help other parents. If you feel like you don’t get what you came looking for through my services I will 100% refund your money”

So are you ready to hire this amazing lady or what!?

You can learn more and get in touch with her at

This interview came at a perfect time for me! I am always reading parenting books and learning and growing in this motherhood gig I’ve got going on! My son is two as of last week, and although he sleeps through the night no problem he is still in our bed! This is definitely more my fault then his. Tonight is the night I start sleep training him in his toddler bed! (wish me luck guys)

Comments? Questions? Your own experiences? Comment below and let me know I would LOVE to hear from you guys! xo- Megan

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