The Tooth Fairy

About The Tooth Fairy

When a child loses a tooth, a little bell starts to ring in the Tooth Fairy Land, letting the Tooth Fairy know of a lost tooth. As someone is always losing a tooth somewhere in the world, the bell never stops ringing. That is why the helpers of the Tooth Fairy are constantly on watch and look it up from the map who has lost a tooth, and prepare a list of children whom the Tooth Fairy must visit during the night.

A little magic is good for the imagination!

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Imagination is the door to possibilities. It is where creativity, ingenuity, and thinking outside the box begin for child development. Imaginative and creative play is how children learn about the world. 

The Letter

My Daughter wanted to save her first tooth in her baby book just like my mom did for me. The only problem was, we lost the tooth! (well her Grandma did but thats another story). So, I had Charlie write a note to the tooth fairy and leave it under her pillow. A few days later this is the letter the fairy left for Charlie! You can download it here, and use some or all of it for you children too! 

**Please note I did not write all of this myself, I found a lot online and edited it to my liking

What do you all do when your kids loose a tooth? Anything special? Family Traditions? I would love to hear about it! Comment below! xo – Meg

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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