Blonde balayage beach waves

If you are looking for the perfect blonde balayage beach waves, then check out this super quick hair tutorial I made using a guide I stole (borrowed) from my hubby! He works for the hair product line, ELEVEN AUSTRALIA and I love being a product junkie, reading all about their education and trying my best to copy the salon looks at home.


Here is their website if your interested in reading more about the products or what local salons carry them! – ELEVEN AUSTRALIA 


 The products are fun, simple and smell amazing!

I made this simple hair tutorial to show you guys how easy the products are to use and what exactly you need to get that perfect Australian Beach wave look going on 🙂

Anyway Let me know what you guys think in the comments below! Have you tried these products yet? They are a professional line so make sure you look in your local salon to buy them and if they don’t carry it yet make sure you tell your hairdresser what’s up!

 Hope you guys enjoy it, 


xo Meg

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