The best way to fix your abs post baby

If you have had kids, especially a C-Section it's hard to get your lower abs back to normal!

Even when your are eating right and exercising the lower abs are so hard to get back in shape! For me it was loose skin that needed tightening and a pooch that never seems to get flat! I tried quick sculpt and got amazing results after my first session so I’m really excited to work with them and share this with you all! 

So I will first start by saying the process did not hurt at all. They alter a suction machine and the ultrasound machine going back and forth on the area that you choose to work on. I will note that the “suction machine” was on level one for my first visit and really felt like a massage. I then upped it to level 3 and started to get a little uncomfortable and I suppose one could go all the way to level 5 and probably get bruising. However, that is not necessary… So I will probably stay at a level 3 for my next treatment! As you can see in the video above I am on my phone and pretty relaxed :). 


Most frequent questions and answers

Ultrasound cavitation can permanently and instantly remove fat deposits using a proven sound wave technology. The Ultrasound waves break down the outer membranes of the fat cell, allowing the contents to be transported to the liver and then urinated out. That’s why you have to drink a bunch of water after the procedure to flush it all out!

They Suggest you drink 2 liters of water before the treatment and 2 liters of water afterwards. You should not eat two hours before or two hours after treatment. They also want you to do at least 20 minutes of cardio within 6 hours of treatment. Lastly, no alcohol or caffeine for 48 hours after treatment.

Yes! According to their website, the ultrasound technology is designed to only target the fatty tissues beneath the skin so it will not affect your blood vessels nerves or connective tissues

Well here are the prices they have to date, but they could always change so make sure you verify when you call in! One treatment is $250.00 and they have a special right now for first time clients with 3 treatments for only $225.00 (Make sure you tell then I sent you)

I measured myself before I went in at home. (I didn’t want any funny business with the tape measure in the office being held to loose or in the wrong spot) anyway I measured again that evening and I had lost 1 1/4 inch around my lower abs! I am so happy and that was just one treatment. Excited to let you guys know how session 2 goes.

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