Best Baby Shower Gifts 2019

A curated list of the best baby shower gifts for 2019 with a focus on MAMA!! This list is brought to you from a collection of 30 moms who all voted on their favorite gifts. 

If you are a mama, I would love your feed back so please comment at the end of this article and let me know what your favorite gifts are!

Gifts just for

Baby Shower
best baby shower gifts 2019


Set up a meal train for the mama to be and friends can sign up to deliver meals after the baby is born! This is so sweet and helpful and every new mom is so grateful!

canon camera

This is an expensive gift but one that mom's LOVE! If you can go in with some friends, moms love to have a really nice camera to capture those moments of the new bebe!

A clean house

OHH how we all love a clean house especially when we are exhausted and don't have energy! If the mama to be already has a regular house keeper, you can still help her out by organizing a professional to come in and do laundry for 6 hours! They wash dry iron fold and put away!

best baby shower gifts 2019
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baby shower gifts
best baby shower gifts 2019
cheers Megan
Megan Ormando

join us for a play date!

I have a great group of local mom's that meet once a week for coffee at a park or beach while the kids can play at the same time! It's always fun and free and you are welcome to join us

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