DIY Rock Painting for kids

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This rock painting set makes for a great  birthday present or a really fun activity for your kids to do outside! In the video below I will show you what comes inside the kit, and how the kids use it all! Plus, cute designs and even temporary tattoos on the rocks!

Buy the rock painting kit

If your looking to purchase the kit for a gift you can simply buy THIS ONE HERE for only $10.99

Use Supplies at home

  1. Collect rocks outside
  2. Acrylic paint 
  3. two paint brushes 
  4. cup of water and paper towel 
  5. temporary tattoos 
  6. small piece of sponge 
  7. scissors 



The paint is messy and my toddler got it in his hair, so I would make sure this isa supervised event and try to wear painting clothes that you wont mind if they get dirty! 

After the painting was over the kids went straight into the tub!!

Games you can play with rocks:

  • After the rocks are painted, you can play a fun game with the kids by having them hide the rocks in the garden and then finding them! Kind of like an Easter Egg hunt!
  •  My Daughter also wanted to deliver rocks to all of her friends in the neighborhood. It was a really cute little gift and activity that lasted all day long! 
  • Tic Tac Toe – Paint 3 rocks with x’s and 3 rocks with O’s. then you can create a large grid with sidewalk chalk and play a fun game of tic tac toe!
  •  Practice telling time! Use side walk chalk to create a large clock. Paint numbers 1-12 on 12 rocks to use as the clock numbers. Then find two sticks for the minute and hour hands. 
  • Use your child’s favorite storybook for inspiration and make 3 characters on the rocks. Use the rocks to make story-time fun!
  •  Make a rock train. If your child has a train set put the painted rocks in the train and carry them from point A to Point B. 
  • Hunt for Dinosaur Eggs! You can pretend they are dinosaur eggs and hide them in a sand box at the park. Then hunt for them with a bucket and shovel. 
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