Ultimate Team Building Activities, Awesome Party Rentals, and Unique Birthday Parties are few and far between in Orange County. That’s why I am so excited to share with you guys Airballing OC who has just recently made its debut to Orange County from the LA area. 

team building activities

What is the company all about?

They provide services for corporate and start-up team building events, awesome birthday parties, and unique party rentals for all ages and genders. 
The current activities are segmented into 3 categories:
  • Ultimate Team Building Activities
  • Awesome Party Rentals
  • Unique Birthday Parties

Ultimate Team Building Activities

adult bubble soccer

Ultimate Team Building Activities by AirballingOC was intended to attract Adults in the professional world for corporate team building, unique fundraisers, or a cool bachelor/bachelorette party, and our activities have found popularity with adults AND kids. Our activities within this category follow:

  • Bubble Soccer (Suitable for Adults and Kids)
    Starting Price is
    $325 for 1.5hrs
    Detail: Bubble Soccer is a team building activity that’s ridiculous-ly fun. The experience is a combination of soccer and football but unlike football, being bumped in this sport is a thrill. Bubble Soccer is a team sport so the fun increases when more people get involved. 
    Included in our Rental: 10 Bubble Balls, 3 types of soccer balls, professional goals, and a Bubble Soccer coach to run the event with 7-8 Games

  • Archery Tag (Suitable for Adults and Kids who are 12+)
    Starting Price is $350 for a party of 14 or $500 for a party of 20
    Detail: Archery Tag is experiencing Hunger Games in real life. This novel activity fuses archery and dodgeball and turns archery into a combative sport, the word ‘Tag’ means you will fire foam tip arrows at your opponents. 
    Included in our Rental: Appropriate Number of Recurve Bows, Foam Tip Arrows, Target Boards, an Archery Arena made with Huge Inflatable Paintball Bunkers, Breathable Full-Face Mesh Masks, and an Archery Tag Referee to run the event. 

  • Nerf Wars (Only Adults, we have other Nerf Parties for Kids)
  • Starting Price: $400 for a party of 10 or $650 for a party of 16
  • Detail:  Ever heard of Nerf Wars, and Nerf Wars in the office? We do exactly that by providing high velocity impact blasters made from Nerf called Rivals and a  function battlefield for co-workers to have an all out Nerf Wars. Our Nerf Wars for adults are like paintball without the mess. 

Awesome Party Rentals

Bubble Ball

Rentals by AirballingOC provides only novel entertainment tools suitable for kids and adults. 

  • Human Hamster Ball / Zorb Ball Rental
    Starting Price is $225 for 1 Zorb Ball and $300 for 2 Zorb Balls
    Detail: Our Human Hamster and Zorb Ball Rental includes a giant human hamster ball or wheel that stands above 10feet and covers an entire person when inside. Think of a Zorb Ball as a mobile bounce house. Kids and Adults can jump while inside and not just that. They can simultaneously move around, roll, joust and race with others, and roll down hills which turns the experience into a mini-rollercoaster ride. 

  • Mechanical Bull Rental
    Starting Price is $350
    for 3 hours and $500 for an all-day rental
  • Detail: Our Mechanical Bull Rental provides the experiencing of conquering a bull right behind your back door. We deliver the bull, setup, and even provide a bull-operator at your request and an additional cost. 

Unique Birthday Parties

Unique Birthday Parties by AirballingOC are suitable for kids of either gender and starting at 6, and their novel activities are sure to make every bystander stop and gaze in wonder. 

  • Nerf Gun Party
    Starting Price
    is $325 for 10 People and $450 for 20 people. 
    Detail: Our Nerf Gun Parties provides all the Nerf Guns, secondary equipment like darts and goggles, an aesthetic and fun Nerf Arena made with tons of inflatable barriers, and even a Nerf Coach to run your event.

  • Mega Nerf Party
    Starting Price
    is $375 for 10 people and $600 for 20 people.
    Detail: Our Mega Nerf Parties are Nerf Parties with an upgrade. We use Nerf Megas which are Nerf Guns that shoot darts 3-4x the size of standard darts. With a multitude of games and a variety of guns, we often hear ” this is the best party ever” from members of our client’s group. 

  • Fortnite Party
    Starting Price is $650
    for 8 people and $800 for 14 people
    Detail: Our Fortnite Parties are a huge hit. We bring out all the kid-friendly projectiles and guns providing a huge range of toys for kids, ~100 portable inflatable for players to build bases on the fly, and a giant human hamster ball to mimic a Fortnite mini-game called Juggernaut. Our carefully selected tools for our Fortnite parties make it possible for us to provide Battle Royale in real life.

AirballingOC is now serving all of the Orange County area! You can contact them direct to book your next event here or by clicking on the website button above.

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