The Storymarkey is located in Orange County, at the Irvine spectrum and it is the only store of its kind. It was created to allow children to become authors, and be able to publish their very own books.

The Storymakery Irvine Spectrum
Storymakery is located between Giant Wheel and Target.

Children and their parents can walk in to the store and choose a package ranging from a 20-minute to one-hour session. The children then create their own character, write a story at the Writing Studio, or have help with a curated story line depending on the age group. The story can then be published right here in the store. From a time perspective it does take about 4 hours before the book is  ready for pickup. Therefore, I would suggest using  the  shipping options or you can return at a later date to pick up your publication.

A visit here can cost anywhere from $19.99-$54.99. They also have cute merchandise and kids clothing for purchase. I would recommend keeping kids under the age of 4 elsewhere as it seems ideal for mature children ages 5 and above. 

The Storymakery Irvine Spectrum
The Storymakery Irvine Spectrum

Thankfully, Irvine spectrum has plenty to do for the little ones to keep busy before and after your trip to the storymakery! Our favorite spot is the fountains with mist and the interactive play area for climbing. 

Irvine Spectrum

Summer camps at The Storymakery

Storymakery’s unique kids’ self-publishing camps are designed to boost your child’s love for creative writing. They offer camps for kids ages 5-12 where they will work on writing skills, publish books and meet new friends.

The storymakery

Birthday parties at The Storymakery

  • Dedicated hosts
  • Soft-cover books for each participating child
  • Group story building
  • Custom character poster for birthday child
  • Digital invitation
  • Digital Group Photo
  • Reserved Time and Tables for Food and Cake
  • Fun activities, including improv storytelling

The book itself:

Below you can watch a quick video to show you the actual book itself. I would love to see them add in the option to illustrate our own photos. Also I actually prefer the soft cover over the hard cover, I think it looks more put together and it is cheaper in price. 

I would also love to have the option for different font styles and colors. This would make it easier to read and more appealing to the eyes.

All in all, we had a fun day visiting the storymakery, and my daughter is so proud of her book!

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