Co-sleeping with your kids

The joys and woes of co-sleeping. The truth is, co-sleeping is great for some parents and not so much for others. In this article, I lay out all of the joys and some of the woes too.

I have learned to to do things that work for my family instead of what I think i’m supposed to be doing or what is “socially acceptable”. 

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For me it started out as a necessity. When my youngest was born I needed him close to me to eat every few hours and it was the only way I was able to get any sleep. Truth be told, a night of no sleep made me a bad mom and a not so nice person, So whatever I needed to do to sleep was always the answer. 

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My daughter on the other hand has been sleeping in her own bed independently since she was 18 months old. Yet, somewhere along this journey I have ended up with both of these kids back in bed

My husband travels for work more often than not, so when I’m alone with the kids it’s just so easy to get in bed and watch a family movie together. However it’s a terrible habit that we are now trying to rid since I am ready for my own space!

The joys and woes of co-sleeping

The joys of co-sleeping

Co-sleeping actually has a lot of benefits. 

1.According to sleep researcher James McKenna, co-sleeping increases the chances that a parent can successfully intervene to help prevent a death, whether that is due to a physiological condition or to a physical accident. He reminds parents that “co-sleeping gives the parent the best opportunity to hear the baby in crisis and to respond.” He adds that “since protection from SIDS may be related to the frequency and duration of breastfeeding, and because babies breastfeed more when co-sleeping, this practice may help to protect some breastfeeding infants.”

2. You can feed your babe without waking up and totally disturbing your much needed sleep.

3. They are honestly only little for such a short time in your life. Cuddle them enjoy them, bond with them. It goes by WAY too fast. Some people told me once you let them in your bed they will never leave. However it was fairly easy to get my daughter transitioned to her own bed and I know that my son will transition easily too! I am just the one who needs to out the work in. 

4. I have read numerous articles that say it actually makes your kids more secure and independent, When they feel safe and loved at home it gives them the courage to be strong and independent when your not there. 

5. I love Dr. Sears take on co-sleeping and you can read his story here.

Don’t forget to read up on Baby Guidelines for co-sleeping to make sure you guys are safe.

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The woes

For the joys, and all the cuddles it’s not always easy nor is it always comfortable! And I guarantee any mama knows what it’s like having a toddler in your bed taking up all of your space and kicking you in the side. 

1. Sleeping with kids in your makes for a long un-rested night!

2. You don’t get anytime for yourself before you go to bed. Something every mama needs and deserves.

3. It’s not great on your relationship, if you know what I mean 🙂

4. If you are an early riser like myself, you can’t enjoy my own bedroom in the morning because you will have sleeping kids in your bed.

Now, I don’t have all of the answers for you, and wether you should co-sleep or not is totally up to you! But I do have a temporary solution for you if you have a little one in your bed!

The joys and woes of co-sleeping

The solution

This pillow is so comfortable and I seriously have not slept this good in years! Even with toddlers in my bed steeling my space, I am sleeping so good and all of my neck pain and back discomfort is gone!! If you have kids, and need a good nights rest or neck support I HIGHLY recommend you get this pillow!! It will not disappoint. 

Plus right now you can get 50% off and free shipping. When you order through my site you’ll get an additional 10% off 🙂 

Why this pillow is so special

This 21st Century Pillow ushers in a new age of modern pillows.

Using innovative engineering, modern-day pillows have finally been perfected, through ensuring ideal sleep posture for both side and back sleepers. Your sleeping posture can have a major impact on your slumber as well as your overall health.

Poor sleep posture could potentially cause back and neck pain, fatigue, sleep apnea, muscle cramping, impaired circulation, headaches, heartburn, tummy troubles, excessive snoring, and even premature wrinkles. 

Say goodbye to bad sleep habits with our revolutionary pillows. Our Eden Pillow is specially designed to correct your posture while you sleep.

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cheers Megan

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