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Custom Cookies Cakes and Dessert

Search a list of the best places in Orange County

Catering + food trucks

A list of some of the best taco guys, food trucks and catering options for your party!

Party Entertainment + Event Decorating Services

A detailed list of my favorite vendors to use for entertaining, decorating, and hiring help for your next event!

Beach Party

Shop my Amazon list of everything you need to host a beach party from decorations to games and more

Birthday’s are a milestone I love to celebrate. And after having kids, I started reflecting and thinking about them in a whole new light. It is a day we celebrate somebody’s birth, and not only is it special for the birthday girl or boy I think it’s also a day for parents especially mothers to celebrate!

While some people love to throw huge parties and others prefer a small and intimate family dinner Orange County is filled with opportunities to make your child’s day special! 

I created this specific page as a directory I have gathered over the years of the best places to host a birthday, great party entertainment, food options, custom cookies and cakes and more.

While I found a few other websites out there I didn’t find anybody who had listed all of the venues that I would consider hosting. I also added some unique ideas that are not necessarily labeled a birthday party spot, however you can certainly host a great party at!  

I have also encountered my fair share of hiring bad entertainment or a not so great food truck. So, if you find a recommendation I have listed here please know I am recommending my favorites and you should be in good hands 🙂

Gift Guide

Shop my Favorite party favors and easy gift guides on Amazon Prime

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