Welcome to Orange County Play dates! If I haven’t met you yet, I am a mama of two and started organizing play dates to meet other mom’s and let the kids play outside with friends! 

We try to get together weekly or bi weekly. Joining this group is totally free. You will be added to our email list and receive invites to your inbox anytime we get together!

orange county play dates 
Orange County play dates

When it comes to play dates, I'm your gal! I love getting together with other moms, and letting the kids have fun at the same time!

This group is not going to meet at a set day and time. Each week will vary on the day and location. The email invite will go out with a few days notice and if we plan a last minute playdate you might find one in your inbox! Each week the location will vary as we love to try new parks and activities. I like to keep the playdates either free or super low cost ,and most of them are good for babies and the older ones too!


Follow me on Instagram and come say hello anytime! I will post details of new playdates in my stories, but I’ll never post the exact location due to privacy. The email list is created just for local mama’s and if you are on the list you will get the location and time in an email. 

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If you have another local mama that would like them to be on this list feel free to share this page and have them submit a request to be added the the group!


See you all soon! 

cheers Megan